Adding a new home within weeks

Just imagine it! A second storey addition or new designer home installed within weeks of being ready without all of the inconvenience and cost blowouts associated with onsite builds. Nexus Home Improvements can achieve this for you, with talented in house designers and the advantages of modular construction your home can be designed and on site in record time.

How is this possible? With modular construction it is easy to put up a new house within a matter of weeks. Since most units are pre-fabricated the amount of construction time is reduced drastically. Based on the design selected, the right pieces are delivered and the team spends the maximum time in fittings and assembling the modular units. These units are but in a climate controlled area and once an order is received, they are shipped and assembled by a team of experts.

Does this mean that all houses will look the same? No not all modular homes look the same, unless you opt for the look. There are a number of designs and options to choose from, just the same as you would in traditional construction. Differences are based on quality, price and choice of materials. So if you wish to opt for a colonial or a mediterranean style house you can. Just like in a traditional house, you have a choice of flooring – ceramic, wooden or tilted, cabinet styles, countertops, plumbing fixtures are all customised as per taste.

This make modular housing more expensive? Contrary to popular belief, modular homes are not expensive. Infant they are quite affordable. Since assembly is done within the factories a lot of costs of construction can be saved upon. in addition the cost of labour goes down as the time spent in assembling the home is much less than the time that would have been spent in putting up a brick building. The added bonus is that modular homes are easier on the pocket in terms of maintenance, rendering them environmentally friendly due to their efficiency.

Finding the right location for the house is equally important. The shape, size, and existing slopes, or “grades,” of the lot will influence where best to place a home. Other factors include trees and open spaces, streams and ponds, and existing stone walls and driveways. The lot’s location relative to the surrounding properties will also affect your decision. Here are some location faqs for for constructing a modular home

Rebuilding for a better Earth

Increasing population puts it’s pressure on a city. With a constant demand for more homes, companies are not just looking to construct homes that are environmental friendly but also to look at demolitions and strip outs that do not leave a negative impact on the environment. Focus Demolition is committed to the preservation of the environment. The team ensures that all hazardous material removal, demolition and earthworks are carried out in an orderly and systematic manner to minimise the impact on the environment. Materials to be recycled include: brick, concrete, metals and timber.

Most demolitions or strip outs involve the use of heavy machinery which leaves enough loose dust, noise and and other debris in the environment. This effects the air quality of the surrounding area. Demolition debris is also harmful to the environment as well as the soil that it is deposited on as elements leach into the ground adding to toxicity of the soil. Demolition should take care that debris is transported safely to the landfill where it is disposed off in a correct manner.

Construction debris includes Bricks, concrete, Wood, Wall coverings, plaster, roofing shingles, drywall, electrical wiring, glass etc. Illegal dumping of debris can result in health risks for the population. Demolition companies should be using proper management and reduction of demolition waste so as to preserve and conserve the environment.

To reduce the amount of debris being added to the landfill, opt for recycled material like wood, aluminium and other metals, asphalt, concrete, and corrugated cardboard. Demolition contractors have the option of:

  • Recycling material from the job site, sorting and sending the material for recycling.
  • Separating similar materials from other waste and then sending the grouped material for recycling.
  • Processing the recyclable material on the site and reused.

Many older homes were constructed with hazardous materials ,like asbestos. Asbestos was used in flooring, ceilings, wrapped around duct work and contained in siding. Asbestos removal requires specialised techniques and equipment. Asbestos fibers can easily be made into airborne dust and this is damaging for lungs when inhaled. Asbestos poses hazards to maintenance personnel who have to drill holes in walls for installation of cables or pipes. Protection for the workers dealing with asbestos removal is required. Protection is also required for asbestos fibres that may be inhaled by others than the workers, hence in areas where asbestos is present very stringent procedures are applicable. The demolition company should have the clearance for these procedures.

Three things to consider before installing a elevator in the house

Installing an elevator in the house is one of the best things you can do for your comfort. It is a perfect answer for saving time, energy and effort. Before looking out for an elevator, just go over three important factors that you need to consider before making this purchase:


Understand the space available for installing the elevator. If there is not enough space then vacuum elevators work really well. Cable driven and hydraulic elevators are better suited for spacious homes. Check the Sprint SE available with Grant Home Elevators. The Sprint SE is purpose-designed for residential use. It needs no separate machine room and is also the ideal choice for carrying small numbers of passengers, providing them with an exceptionally smooth and quiet ride. It also features a safety-check valve, door-lock valve, UP direction valve with high-pressure relief, automatic levelling and re-levelling, a soft-stop feature and more. For added safety, the Sprint SE includes an instantaneous broken-rope mechanism to bring the elevator to a secure, gentle rest in the case of a major malfunction. There is a full-height infrared beam for entrance protection.

Winding drum systems are great space savers as they do not require a separate machine room.


Identify the right reason for installing the elevator. The choice of elevators becomes easy this way. For example if the reason is to help an elderly person or make it easy for a wheelchair use, then the choice would be based more on the space required for the use as well as the ease of use. here aesthetics would then take a back seat. If the purpose is for movement of heavy goods then an elevator with load bearing capacity takes precedence.


The style of the elevator should reflect the style of your home. A cable driven elevator will look good in a traditionally styled home. On the other hand for a modern styled home pneumatic elevators would fit better. Hydraulic systems work well where too many structural changes are not possible.

So go ahead and make the right choice of an elevator. Just remember to check that the company installing the elevator follows the right safety guidelines and does not compromise on safety for your family.